Here's what Scott, the creator of Square Peg Toys, has to say about The Professor:

Meet the Professor, a true-to-size authentic lifecast of a great play buddy of mine. I've been able to capture the detail down to the follicle for truly sculptural piece of work that just happens to be made in a material suitable for play.

The hand is polished smooth for the best functionality and ease of cleaning. This is an advanced toy for those already able to take a hand to the depths this toy will go. Lacking bones, The Professor is a bit unwieldy to get in, but this flexibility works to your advantage later on.

Approximate Dimensions: 20 1/2" Height, 9 1/2" Circumference at hand, 6 3/4" Circumference at wrist, 11" Circumference at forearm, 10 1/2" Circumference at elbow.


Non-Returnable Item
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