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Scott from SquarePegToys tells us that a friend introduced him to Steve:

My bud couldn't stop raving about the power Steve's perfectly shaped curve held over his prostate. He's got a nice girth too, just enough so you know he’s there, the thick root giving you good control over where the head is pushing.

If you look at toys in the SquarePegToys® line this recognizable curve works well at pleasuring holes, so finding this curve in a real life example I knew right away I needed to make him into a toy, and thankfully for us all, he agreed!

The harness versions are based on the original casts with the balls simply carved away. They’re all still the same heights as the version with balls, so consider this aspect if you want a bit more length to the toy. 

All sizes of the Harness Base Steve stocked by Full Kit Gear come with the Square Peg FlushCup Base. The low profile means the toy is still allowed to sit flush to the surface, using the toy itself to keep it firmly rooted in place with no flopping around on an awkward stem.

Approximate Dimensions: 

  • ACTUAL SIZE: 6" Height, just under 5 1/2" Circumference at the head, almost 7 1/4" at the base.
  • XL: 6 1/2" Height, over 5 3/4" Circumference at the head, 7 1/2" Circumference at the base.
  • 2XL: 6 3/4" Height, a bit over 6 3/4" Circumference at the head, 8 1/2" at the base.

Everything made by Square Peg Toys is crafted entirely in the USA from only US sourced 100% Platinum Grade Silicone. The manufacturer says Square Peg Toys are safe to use with water-, silicone-, and oil-based lubricants.

Do not store next to or on vinyl or other rubbers with a strong odor as their plasticizers will harm the silicone. Full Kit Gear recommends keeping each toy in its own zipper bag to avoid problems.