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These plugs are not for beginners, but are top of the class for more advanced players.

Scott, the creator of Square Peg Toys, describes them as follows:

Developed directly from one of my earliest modifications to a toy – taking an off the shelf purchase and carving it up to create the ever so slightly tapered stretch with a raised ring around the bottom. I had forgotten about the feeling this old toy gave me, but when I came across it one day years later I got right to work on these new ones so I could relive it once again. The result is one of my favorite shapes in recent time.

Wonderful design for stretching and stretch training. As a set they all work together to get you up to 11". The ridge massages the sphincter in a sublime way once you're relaxed a bit, might be a bit much for some, while the narrow neck and slim base give it a great tight full feeling inside. Not made over 6" tall so that it fits entirely within the rectum without penetrating the inner sphincter.

Approximate Dimensions: 

  • SMALL: 6" Height, 7 1/2" to 8 1/2" Circumference.
  • MEDIUM: 6" Height, 8 1/2" to 9 1/2" Circumference.
  • LARGE: 6" Height, 9 1/2" to 10" Circumference.

Everything made by Square Peg Toys is crafted entirely in the USA from only US sourced 100% Platinum Grade Silicone. The manufacturer says Square Peg Toys are safe to use with water-, silicone-, and oil-based lubricants.

Do not store next to or on vinyl or other rubbers with a strong odor as their plasticizers will harm the silicone. Full Kit Gear recommends keeping each toy in its own zipper bag to avoid problems.