This travel shower shot is the ultimate in portability. It is equipped with two nozzle sizes and a 78" long hose allowing for versatility in your shower or tub. Setup is a breeze, as it requires no plumbing connections. Simply attach the hanging clip on the shower arm above the shower head, attach the silicone bag to the clip, and select the nozzle of your choice. Attaches to most shower heads easily.

Run lukewarm water through the bag for maximum comfort. Water will flow from the nozzle at a safe, low pressure stream. When the bag is at capacity, excess water will flow through the clear overflow hose on the back. Keep the unit clean by washing with warm soapy water after each use and allowing it to air dry before storing.

Includes large capacity shower bag with hanging clip, 78" hose, 51" overflow, small nozzle, large nozzle, flow attachment clip, and a travel bag. Packaging may vary from that shown.