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The Oxballs Squeeze is a thick, blubbery stretcher designed to comfortably stretch your sack. Each end is topped with a padded ring that pushes down on your balls, stretching and pushing them away from your body. The soft, squishy material and ergo-curved design make Squeeze the ideal stretcher.

All Night Edition products come in Night Black color, Oxballs' deep dull-finish black that feels smooth and silky, has no "grippy" plasticky feel, and it glides on like vintage black latex. Night Black looks rich and lush and dark—perfect for late night fun.

Never use oil-based lubricants with products made of rubber or a blend that includes rubber. Additionally, body oils can affect products made of rubber. To prolong the life of your toy, Full Kit suggests cleaning after each use with a toy cleaner, such as Swiss Navy Toy and Body Wash, or a degreasing dishwashing liquid, like Original Blue Dawn Dish Soap.