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Here at Full Kit we know that there are people who are into Leather, but don't want to be in leather. For those folks, a synthetic like neoprene is a great alternative. These Neo Wrist Restraints and Neo Ankle Restraints are strong, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing, and—perhaps best of all—very reasonably priced.

Whether you get them wet or get lube all over them, these restraints will stand up to the abuse. The neoprene on the inside has a soft, padded feel that is great for long bondage sessions. And with super strong construction, you'll never have to worry about this restraint falling apart on you.

Approximate Sizes: WRIST: 6" to 11"; ANKLE: 8" to 13".

Never use oil-based lubricants with products made of rubber or a blend that includes rubber. Additionally, body oils can affect products made of rubber. To prolong the life of your toy, Full Kit suggests cleaning after each use with a toy cleaner, such as Swiss Navy Toy and Body Wash, or a degreasing dishwashing liquid, like Original Blue Dawn Dish Soap.