An all original 16-track lyrical album cross-breeding bold dance and backroom beats with dark poetry in a nearly seventy minute seamless mix.

Prosthetic Citizen echoes M.Arana's dubbed out live DJ sets, embarking on a journey into a cerebral atmosphere to lose yourself in.

Escape in M.Arana's most personal album to date.

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1. Animate
2. Prosthetic Citizen
3. Uspeaknonsense
4. Trick
5. Destroyer
6. Voodoo
7. Ihurt
8. Rebreathe 2.0
9. Quop
10. Robot Nick
11. Megaphone
12. Break
13. Dirty $
14. Imgonnarunthis
15. Broken
16. Back Track

Format: CD
Run time: 1:06:42
Release Date: May 13, 2014
Label: House of Arana