RAW represents a new sound, pairing Kevin Aviance's musings with DJ/Producer M.Arana's underworld.

Mesmerizing, evolving loops get you lost in a hard edged yet ethereal dream.

Kevin is raw, real, and ever fierce with his sleek aggression. RAW is organic with simple construction in complex themes of love, domination, fetish, and lust in the ever-changing underground.

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1. Aviance In
2. Distortion
3. Love In NYC Interlude
4. Rekkid Kid (Kevin in Berlin Mix)
5. Deep
6. YES
7. Dog Tags
8. Dramatic Pause
9. Cunty (M.Arana's Ballroom Mix)
10. Prey
11. Diva
12. As a House
13. Your Love (It Burns)

Format: CD
Run time: 1:00:09
Release Date: October 5, 2015
Label: House of Arana