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These leather pants have the sexy quality look you've come to expect from FK, with no cross-leg seams. Based on a classic mid-rise jean pattern, in a soft mid-weight garment leather and with an easy access snap fly, this is the cornerstone of every man's leather and fetish wardrobe.

It runs true to original American jean sizes, and a bit snug 'cause they will break in to your body over time. If you buy them to be snug, the top snap might require a belt till the jeans mold to you. If you mostly wear modern stretch jeans you might want to go up one size in the waist.

We strongly recommend going to a local tailor or stopping by one of our stores with these jeans and your favorite pair of boots to get the most accurate hem, as heel height and boot style can make a big difference. 

Designed and patterned in the USA. Made in an American-owned ethical factory in Pakistan.

Care Instructions: Do not wash. Use a safe gentle leather cleaner or have them professionally cleaned if they really need it.