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What you see here is the 4th generation of Puppy Tail and what amounts to the most researched toy in the Square Peg Toys line. Square Peg's commitment to delivering the best toy possible at the best price possible with no gimmicks is most evident in the Puppy Tail. Designed from scratch with the end user in mind, most all pups say this is the best tail they've ever owned. 

Squeeze your hole while the plug is inserted and that larger tab pressing on your perineum creates a stop and pushes the plug up and wags the tail for you without… even… moving. Absolute genius. And this works in any position because when you squeeze your hole the muscles pull the plug in, forcing the anvil tip to do its magic.

The wagging capability built into the anvil base only works with Square Peg's specific silicone's bounce and density. Others copy it by design to mimic a Square Peg tail, but use the wrong type of silicone, unaware it could actually have an intended function.

Square Peg went through extra effort to make a finished rounded tip on the tail, not cut off like some of the others.

Also available in colors and without a plug as a Show Tail.

Approximate Dimensions: 

  • SMALL: 9" Tail Length, 5" Plug Circumference.
  • MEDIUM: 10" Tail Length, 5 3/4" Plug Circumference.
  • LARGE: 12" Tail Length, 6 1/2" Plug Circumference.
  • XL: 12" Tail Length, 8" Plug Circumference.


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