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For some, it ain't nipple play unless Japanese Clamps are involved. These ingenious little devices—sometimes called butterfly clamps, clover clamps, or Japanese sewing clips—were originally designed by a seamstress to hold fabric taut. And when used on nipples, they are not for the beginner.

Like many popular clamps, the Japanese Clamp is spring-loaded. Textured rubber tips provide a good grip and make these things difficult to shake off but what makes these unique in the world of nip clamps is what happens when you pull on them. Unlike most clamps, which provide constant pressure, when you pull on the Japanese Clamp they actually squeeze harder!

You can use them like any other clamp—leave them on for a while and enjoy the reaction when they are removed, hang weight from them—but since they're so difficult to remove, they're also great for holding someone in place.

Like most of our clamps, this is a set of two connected by a chain.