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The EV in the name of the Tenga Flip Zero EV stands for "Electronic Vibration," and this toy lives up to its name!

The Flip Zero EV is a USB-rechargeable jerk toy with soft elastomer ripples inside. The rumbling sensations from two vibrating cores within the elastomer sleeve create a feeling that only Tenga can give you.

The first core the center of the Flip Zero EV causes stimulation from the soft ribs as you insert. Further inside, the deep vibration core is waiting. The cores are placed at either end of the toy on opposing sides, for vibrations that fully surround you. There are five different patterns: low, high, pulse, alternating, and random.

In addition to the vibrations and rippled elastomer, you can squeeze the pressure pads on either side of the toy to create strong vacuum suction. Together, these functions create an experience that is totally out of this world!

The Flip Zero EV is waterproof and can be completely submerged for cleaning. After washing, the cap acts as a drying rack. Use the included USB cable and base to charge the toy for up to 40 minutes of amazing sensations—if you can last that long.

Includes one year manufacturer's warranty.

Approximate Dimensions: 2.76" × 3.15" × 7.1", with an insertion length of 6.7".

Content: Internal Sleeve: Thermoplastic Elastomer; Other Parts: Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Silicone. Includes a Li-ion Polymer Battery.

The manufacturer recommends using only water-based lubes with your Tenga toys.

Never use oil-based lubricants with products made of rubber or a blend that includes rubber. Additionally, body oils can affect products made of rubber. To prolong the life of your toy, Full Kit suggests cleaning after each use with a toy cleaner, such as Swiss Navy Toy and Body Wash, or a degreasing dishwashing liquid, like Original Blue Dawn Dish Soap.

This item is final sale and cannot be returned for exchange, credit, or refund.