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Made from a sculpture of actual chain wrapped round and round into a tower. Fun visual appeal. Highly textured it gives for an interesting ride. The shaft is about the same thickness to almost near the base so that those so inclined will be able to get the whole thing in. Only done in the SuperSoft so the chain adds great texture instead of being rough. It’s tall enough that this is one of the few toys that doesn’t stand up on its own.

Specialties: Depth

Level: Moderate, Advanced

Available in: SuperSoft Bronze

Dimensions: Length 14‚Ä? ‚Ģ Circ 7 ‚Äì 13‚Ä?

Everything made by SquarePegToys is crafted entirely in the USA from only US sourced, 100% Platinum Grade Silicone.

Do not store next to or on vinyl or other rubbers with a strong odor as their plasticizers will harm the silicone.