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Sport Fucker's line of MOTOVibe toys are made of silicone, are waterproof, phthalate-free, and compatible with all lubes. Despite the power these toys pack, no batteries are required—they're quickly and easily recharged with the included USB cord.

The MOTOVibe Apex C-Ring has a teardrop shape that points backward, providing additional stimulating vibrations along the taint, as well as the balls and shaft. Unlike other silicone rings, the Apex is not designed to stretch. Rather, it is meant to be worn like a metal or rigid ring, with a ring size that is slightly larger (48mm diameter) because it does not expand. With 10 custom vibrations to cycle through, Apex C-Ring wearers will experience a wide range of stimulation and control. 

This item has a one-year manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer recommends that you store this toy separate from non-silicone items.