Sport Fucker has created a line of rings that give you the best of silicone with things you love about metal. Their Fusion Rings feature a revolutionary super soft liquid silicone exterior with metal rods embedded within to provide tension and support in just the right places.

The Holeshot Fusion Ring has a larger bead bordered by three bands on the silicone which you can place under and behind your balls for an extra sensation as you move. Two-thirds of the Holeshot have a metal arc embedded within, giving it the static shape, like a metal ring. The rest of the ring is flexible silicone.

IMPORTANT: This is not a "stretchy" ring, like some others we carry. If you attempt to stretch it, it is likely break. If you think of it more as a metal ring with a little bit of flexibility, you won't have any problems!

The Fusion Rings come in three sizes: Regular has a 32mm inside diameter, Large has a 37mm diameter, and X-Large has a 42mm diameter.

Non-Returnable Item
Health concerns, regulations, and state laws prohibit us from ever accepting any returns of any item of a personal nature. See full returns policy here.