Hunkyjunk's Slingshot is the best fitting sling they have ever made. It's a hybrid c-sling with a teardrop base, and it fits because it is shaped to fit you. Each opening is the right size to form ergonomically your shaft and balls, as the teardrop shaped base comfortably wraps around the top of your sack and tapers back to snugly fit between the legs with a curve up so it rubs your taint. The ring at the front has a slight dip at the base, helping to reduce pressure. The side cutouts reduce bulk and weight so this sling will fit all sizes and feel like it's connected in a way no other sling can.

Part of what makes this feel so good is Hunkyjunk's Plus+Silicone™ TPR/silicone blend. It feels smooth and warm like silicone, and strong and stretchy like pure TPR. 

Content: Thermoplastic Rubber, Silicone.